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Christmas Songs by Dead People - Sales are now open.

My New Christmas Album

Happy festive season to you all. I hope you're having a blast and staying safe. The Album - Christmas Songs by Dead People - is now available.

This is the second album by my good self. It's crammed full of songs penned by folk who have shuffled off this mortal coil. Its nice to think people can leave something of themselves behind that might brighten someone's day or evoke the memory of a lovely experience. Brings a tear to the eye. That is what this little work is all about - oh, and so I can get some beer money also - but it's mainly about the former...

Now, while it's true that there are some people that have written songs included on this album that are not actually dead, one such song was written about someone who is and one other song has three writers, one of which has been gone from this life for quite a while now so one could say most of the writers in this little compilation have croaked. 'nuff said.

So come up to me in the CBD if you see me playing and I'll sell you one. They're only $15!!! Bargain or what?! Something to give to the relative (and there is always one that likes christmas songs) at the big family get-together, or as a kringle pressy. You might just want to use it as background music at your festivities. It is actually the right time of year. If you're too shy to come up to me in person, you can jump online and buy one through this page. Read on.

My next will be My Magnificent Octopus. Watch this space!

Delivery / postage is free within Australia - my gift to you for purchasing my record! Your CD will arrive within three days or sooner. However purchasers from outside Australia must contact me first to arrange payment of postage before the CD is purchased.

At the bottom of the page is a PayPal button for your convenience. It will be there until the last day I can post them to you. PayPal is a secure way to buy online so there you have it! Happy and Safe Christmas and New Year to all my fans. Thank you for all your lovely words and support over the years.

Note: If you are running late with the Christmas shopping and think you're out of time, you are safe! Just click here to download individual songs. They are a buck each. They will arrive on your computer as soon as you make the purchase.

All the best for the Season, TrumPeter xox.

Christmas Songs by Dead People

Christmas Songs by Dead People

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