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What I am all about...

Sydney City:

Quite simply, it's all about practice and playing tunes for people as they walk to work each day. The tunes are not your usual trumpet standards and I got a kick out of slipping in some very odd ones to see if people can guess what they are!

As a trumpeter, I must play each day to keep up my 'chops'. As a bicycle messenger I found I could do this before I started work each day, as well as the odd lunchtime and after work. These days with my new, more sedentary regular job, I practice when I can. Usually this occurs a couple of weeks out from any gigs or recording sessions I have scheduled.

I have not given up busking completely however. I still get a kick out of lobbing up in the street and blasting out some tunes - I just do it a lot less these days as I no longer work in the city. Even though I have officially retired as a bicycle messenger, I still get into the gear and play in it. I do this because it was my persona for around 20 years and makes me easily recognisable. Marketing seems to be easier if you have a character. Maybe I should have investigated an action figure range...

Other Gigs:

Another thing that happened when I was busking was a lot of bookings for gigs such as weddings etc where a trumpet just fits the bill perfectly, so busking has come in handy demonstrating my ability to perform such duties. To find out more about getting me to perform at your function/event, just click here.

On this site you will be able to find videos and photos of some gigs I have participated in, as well as the events page, which will give you a few search options such as the calendar, a link for all events, and a link to search specific events. Some of these gigs feature me, and others are simply ones I think you should go and check out.

Enjoy your browse!

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