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Shots From A Brassy Noel.

My First Christmas Album - Sold Out

Okay folks. Here is the Christmas album I've been threatening my fans with for years! Yep. The first EVER solo album and its a bloody CHRISTMAS RECORD! But hey! It is Christmas time and what better way to spread some yuletide cheer than with a collection of festive season tunes.

Most of them I have taken seriously so they sound pretty good. A couple are a little bit less polished but still fun. This little offering will sit nicely in the background as you and your loved ones hoe into the Christmas feast! A word of warning: The word Ass is used in tune number 11. But then again there were a couple of asses present at the birth werent there? There was a Lamb and an Ox there Im reliably informed! So why not an Ass?! Any hoo, thats about as oddball as it gets and, truth be known, the words only changed because I forgot the proper ones!

This record will generally be suitable for friends and foes alike. So pop one into a stocking or two, or give it as a work Kringle gift. They are only 15 bucks after all!

There are no more copies of my first album left. Maybe in a couple of years I may re-print some for a compilation. We'll see.

Happy and Safe Christmas and New Year to all my fans. Thank you for all your lovely words and support over the years.

All the best for the Season, TrumPeter xox.

Shots From A Brassy Noel

Shots From A Brassy Noel

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